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Design of a Motion Detector to Monitor Rowing Performance Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Hop integrity in computer networks
The Milan Civic Network experience and its roots in the town
A novel scheduling algorithm for delay-oriented services based on hopfield neural networks methodology
An Autonomous Clustering-Based Dynamic Network Gateway Selection for Heterogeneous MANETs
Elasticity considerations for optimal pricing of networks
Incentives for P2P File Sharing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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A GPS/ant-like routing algorithm for ad hoc networks
Local Detection and Recovery from Multi-Failure Patterns in MPLS-TE Networks
Diagnosis of sensor networks
On the scalability of ad hoc networks: a traffic analysis at the center of a network
Cluster-based protection for survivable fiber-wireless access networks
Evaluation of multi-agent model for community formation in network society
Reliable multicast in mobile networks
A distributed congestion-prevention scheme for ATM switching fabrics based on buffered delta networks
A Novel Framework for QoS Enhancement in Ad Hoc Network

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A Dynamic Channel Assignment Scheme for TDMA-Based Multihop Cellular Networks
Ranking Twitter Influence by Combining Network Centrality and Influence Observables in an Evolutionary Model
A generalized spatial boundary analysis method for clustering/multi-hop hybrid routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
TCP Selective Negative Acknowledgment over IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks