Software Defined networking (SDN) is a network and emerging technology to implement network communication.SDN split a control plane from data plane of forwarding elements. Control plane referred as decision maker which decides where packets to send from underlying infrastructure to data plane then forward packets to respective destination. This process determines a Quick and easy configuration of networks. It ensures a network management and creates more innovation techniques. Main goal of SDN is to allow software developers to build software on network resources. SDN Omnet++ projects is logically centralized for software based controllers.SDN are programmed through an open interface.

SDN Omnet++ Projects model:

Evolutionary Model:

Software control are provided over network and ensure an operation within an limited boundaries of various network topology such as AS, MPLs , VLAN various network operation such as configuration management, security and fault management are fully deployed in network simulation process.

OpenFlow Model:

OpenFlow is managed by open networking Foundation (ONF). High flexible network routing is provided which permit to change network behavior without any traffic. This was attained by separating a control plane in network switches from data plane. Components of OpenFlow are OpenFlow controller and OpenFlow switch. OpenFlow channel is one of the interfaces which connect OpenFlow switch and controller.

Network Virtualization Model:

Network virtualization is a common physical network infrastructure. Various solutions are provided for SDN. It is an simple mode address various issues in Ethernet LAN based Virtual Network (VLAN)

SDN Omnet++ projects need :


Various behaviors can be changed.


Ensure abstraction and modular plug-in.


Used for monitor a resources and connectivity.

Dynamic scaling:

Used for change size and quantity.


Performance is measured for capacity optimization, load balancing, high utilization, traffic engineering, and Bandwidth management.

Service Integration:

Various service such as firewalls, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Load balancers and appropriate on traffic path.




To reduce OPEX, various service such as resource segmentation, policy enforcement, trouble shooting and provisioning.


It used as a Network resource without knowing details about physical location.


It ensures an ability to control and handle various devices with a single command.

Benefits of SDN Omnet++ projects:

  • More flexibility.

  • Reduced complexity.

  • Granular security.

  • Provision speed and agility.

  • High efficiency.

SDN are integrated with Omnet++ using an OpenFlow components and INET Framework. Today, students are more interested to do innovative projects like android, SDN. In SDN, more innovative techniques are implemented to utilize network resource with software.