Research Projects in Omnet++

Research Projects in Omnet++

Omnet++ is used to study various networks such as wired networks, wireless networks, communication networks and Distributed networks which are called as object oriented modular simulator. Research projects in Omnet++ provide a generic architecture which is used to solve issues in several domains such as multiprocessor model, protocol model and queuing Network model. Major component of Omnet++ is architecture. Architecture composed of models with reusable components named as modules.

Research projects in Omnet++ issues:

  • Module specification.

  • Error debug in simulation.

  • Pseudo random Generators.

  • Hierarchical support.

  • Data trace.

Major advantage of Omnet++ is composed of C++ with kernel and library class to develop simulation component using a component, infrastructure configuration are build.

Various Interfaces are needed for simulation they are

  • Command line interface.

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Omnet++ Assumption:

  • Modules are composed only of C++ objects.

  • Model contains various modules.

  • Modules are communicated by transformation of message through connections.

Connection is fully described by NED (Network Description Language) language. Models are fully independent of Omnet++.

Research Projects in Omnet++

Research Projects in Omnet++

Research Projects in Omnet++ Framework:

  • Acidsimtools framework for recovery simulation protocol and concurrency simulation.

  • SimSans Framework for storage Area Network.

  • Xsimulator framework for testing synchronization protocols.

  • NesCT framework for TinyOs simulation.

  • For power consumption power Aware wireless sensor Network simulation frame work used.

Omnet++ contain class library. Class library composed of 1) packet message. 2) Container class, module parameter, gate. 3) Accuracy result detection. 4) Data collection, 5) static and dynamic distributed class.

Research Projects in Omnet++ Process:

  • Timers are set (or) cancelled.

  • Message retransmission.

  • Graphics refinement.

  • Output Debug.

  • Process Delay.

Various Domains uses Omnet++ as an application for simulation. The domain are described as peer to peer network simulation, optical switch process, and storage area Network from business process Domain and Queuing Network from wireless Network. Omnet++ is well versed designed equipment for simulation and it’s often used by user which ids freely available for teaching and research purpose. Omnet++ is one of a versatile simulator for researchers and students. Major benefits of Omnet++ are open source and free to use with GUI (Graphical User Interface) support. So, most of students prefer to do Omnet++ project in an efficient way.