Omnet++ is not only considered as simulator, it acts as a discrete event simulation framework for various network communication and systems. Infrastructures are provided to write and read simulation using various tools. Omnet++ support Various GUI application and parallel described simulation for portable operating system such as MAC, OS, Windows and Linux.

Real world processes are simulated with respective operation (or) process of system within a time limit called as simulation. Simulations are mainly used for decision making and computer with appropriate software. It involve to complex system application. Omnet++ applications are given as follows:

  • Evaluation of military weapons system.

  • Determination of order policy in inventory system.

  • Analyze of financial and economic systems.

  • Design of various systems and protocols.

  • Design and analyze of manufacture system.

  • Software and hardware requirements evaluation.

  • Evaluation of various service organizations are hospitably, tool restaurant and Post offices.

  • Design and operation of transportation such as freeways, subways, port, airport.

  • Evaluation of tactics.

Simulation is a system representation of model operation. Different types of Omnet Simulation are described as follows:


  • Stochastic or deterministic.

  • Discrete event or continuous.

  • Static or dynamic.

Other types of simulation:

Combined discrete continuous simulations are as follows:

  • Discrete event affect a continuous changing variables.

  • Continuous variable are described by differential equations.

  • Omnet is a discrete event simulation tool which work under combined discrete continuous simulation.



Continuous simulation:

  • To implement continuous simulation specialized software’s are available.

  • It solve various differential equation in a moment of time

Omnet++ is a discrete event simulations software will do continuous simulations and involve stochastic elements.

When mathematics methods are not available then investigation tools are provided to perform various simulations. Complex software systems are provided by an Omnet gives a simpler solution.


  • Comparisons are easily performed.

  • Control experimental conditions.

  • Systems are study with long time frame.

  • Allow great flexibility in complex systems.

Omnet++ simulation supports various languages such as general purpose language and programming languages, General purpose language such as FORTAN and PASCAL. FORTRAN provides various models for Omnet++. PASCAL is not a universal language large improvements are provided with PASCALADA to simulation of Omnet++. Programming language such as C++ which is an object oriented Programming language. C++ class library composed of simulation kernel and utility classes to create various simulation components. Library also contains an infrastructure to assemble a simulation from various components. Omnet++ has languages to implement simulation. Students and Researchers have large benefits to do projects in Omnet++ because Omnet++ provide choosing different languages, different platform, different components and library. All components are selected based on user convenient. So many users do projects in Omnet++ to analyze and understand various networks communication and systems.