Omnet++ is an object oriented simulation framework. Omnet++ project code is very simple and it can be easily rewritten based on our convenient. The aim of Omnet++ project code is to create a simulation tool which is used for both academic (or) research oriented projects of various network and distributed system. Omnet++ provides a simulation modular environment with strong GUI support.

Omnet++ Project Code:

  • Validation of hardware architecture.

  • Complex software system performance.

  • Queuing networks.

  • Distributed hardware system.

  • Protocol modeling.

  • Communication network model.

Omnet++ project code are used for to support hierarchical model, programming model management, ensuring flexibility, large scale simulation, pseudo random generation, Debugging and Tracing.

Omnet++ project code categorized into two types they are models and modules. Large components are assembled by a module which is written in a C++ object oriented language. Models are written by NED high-level language. NED descriptions consist of components and they are given as:

  • Definition of module such as simple and compound.

  • Network Definitions.

  • Import directives.

  • Channel definitions.

NED language describes a network model which is an Omnet++ models consist of:

  • NED files written by a GNED graphical editor.

  • Message into classes transform.

  • Simple module source such as C++ files.

  • Topology Description.

  • Description of module structure such as parameter gate.




NED language has various features such as component-based, inheritance, interface, hierarchical and packages. Efficient tools are provided by Omnet++ to describe actual system structure. Simple modules are described in C++ language using kernel library simulation. The characteristic of OMNET++ are:

  • Output vector plotting tool.

  • Output scalar visualization tool.

  • Kernel library simulation.

  • Model documentation tool.

  • Graphic Network editor.

  • Topology Description Language compiler.

Omnet++ Project code:

  • UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

  • TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

  • Ping.

  • Ethernet.

Benefits of Omnet++ project code:

  • Powerful GUI execution environment.

  • Natural programming model.

  • Open source and free of cost.

  • Power consumption.

Omnet++ project code is an open source which can be used as GNU (general public License) makes software free and ensured in large community. Student and researchers are more focused on do projects in Omnet++ project code because codes can be modified based on our convenient.