M.Tech Omnet++ project

M.Tech Omnet++ project

Omnet++ provides framework as a discrete event simulator. Generic type architecture is provided. Omnet++ defined in a nested module hierarchical structure. M.Tech Omnet++ project composed of various modules which sub-categorized into sub modules. In C++, modules are described as objects. Through transformation of messages, they are easily communicated. Arbitrary data’s are preferred for message communication modules are categorized as:

  • Simple Module:

Transformation of messages by gate called simple module.

  • Compound Module:

Set of simple module called as compound module. Every model composed of algorithm denoted as simple module. By use of C++ simulation library, user utilizes a simple module. Simulation structures are defined in Network Description language by users.

M.Tech Omnet++ project Support:

  • Packages

  • Inheritance

  • Hierarchical.

  • Component based model

  • Interfaces.

XML (Extensible markup Language) files are a built in support for Omnet++. Using Xml parser process of reading and file validation are performed. Omnet++ simulation can be functioned under various interfaces such as graphical user interfaces to view result and debugging. For batch execution, command line interface is used.

 M.Tech Omnet++ project Platform:

  • C++ compiler.

  • Linux.

  • Perl.

  • Win 32 such as windows 2000, NT4, XP.

  • UNIX.

Omnet++ work flow process:

  • Components are formed by transformation of messages via communication called module and various simple module grouped together to form compound module.

  • NED Language Describe the module structure.

  • By kernel simulation and class library, component models are written by C++.

  • Depend upon model, parameter and configuration are performed.

  • Then build simulation program and Run.

Function of omnet++ is described as every event sequence is managed and simulated clock are preserved. Protocols are defined in a text file and transformation messages among protocol layers.

M.Tech Omnet++ project

M.Tech Omnet++ project

Application of M.Tech Omnet++ Project:

  • Hardware Architecture validation.

  • Protocol model.

  • Software complex system performance evaluation.

  • Telecommunication Network model Design.

  • Queuing Network model.

User convenient representations of wired and wireless Networks are ensured by an Omnet++. Large function Description and overall concept encourage researchers to work on open source. Based on user convenient we can change code, algorithm, interface, and function in an efficient way and with minimum cost. It is an emerging technology and rapid development simulation in science and also in other fields. So, students prefer Omnet++ projects in efficient way and to clearly demonstrate projects to others.