Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (Vanet) is used for a communicating of vehicles in traffic networks. VANET consider as a benchmark technologies to develop ad-hoc network between vehicles and various road side units such as Noises, traffic signals and people. Vanet maintains a monitor which put each vehicle as node into wireless network. VANET network contain each vehicle which declared as node. It monitors a transmission of one node to another node to avoid collision in network.

Objectives of VANET in OMNET++:

  • Communications are performed by sensor vehicle to reach destination if there is no network available.

  • Inter communication are provided among nodes to avoid accident.

  • Based on situation, it can act either as server (or) client.

  • Avoid regular network disconnection.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++ ensure to develop a wide area network with less cost to connect various vehicles for message transmission.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++  function:

  • Every vehicle composed of wi-max/ Wi-Fi devices and works as node.

  • For every vehicle individual IP address and Id are provided.

  • Using an id, register every vehicle in WAP Roadway.

  • WAP contain a vehicle information ant it is directly connected.

  • Information in WAP is stored dynamically in server database.

An Inter vehicular communication developed open source software called Vein used for network simulation and road traffic. Vanet is one of the types of MANET which ensure Vehicle communication among road sides.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++ features:

  • Infrastructure support

  • Security and privacy are provided

  • Unlimited network size.

  • High node mobility.

  • Real data exchange.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks projects in Omnet++ can function for various under many simulators such as Glumosim, Mobisim, NS-2, and Qualnet. VANET ensure great challenge to develop a protocol for data routing among vehicles denoted as V2V, Vehicle to Vehicle communication.

Application of VANET with Omnet++:

  • Accident alert at point of intersection.

  • Disaster Evaluation.

  • Information sharing about Road condition.

  • Traffic management.

  • Parking management.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Projects in Omnet++ is an emerging technology in wireless network ensures a great attention from both students and researchers. Students are more interested and attracted to do projects in VANET with Omnet++ in Various Technology such as cellular data floating, vehicle Detection, computation, wireless, sensor Technologies.