Sensor Network is the one of emerging network technology among various networks. Sensor network composed of spatially described among various devices to monitor environment condition such as pressure, humidity, sound, temperature using a sensor. More number of sensor node referred as a sensor network. Nodes are self organized to form a network with neighbor nodes. Omnet++ sensor Network is a component based network simulator. It supports various communication networks such as wireless, wires, and Queuing networks. Framework ensures supports are:

  • Internet protocols.

  • Wireless ad-hoc Network.

  • Model performance.

  • Photonic networks.

  • Sensor networks.

Omnet++ sensor Network composed of group of sensor nodes is co-ordinate together to perform some specific action. Every sensor node is fitted to an on-board processor and processed to calculate computation and transmission of required data.

Omnet++ sensor Network Projects issues:

  • Localization.

  • Routing.

  • Energy efficient.

Sensorsim is one of the simulation framework developed to implement sensor networks. It is an extension of ns-2 simulator. It features of Sensorsim are sensing a model and sensor channels. It’s also referred as an advanced power model. An each hardware component is taken into accounts which need battery to operate. Sensorsim is a more complicated model and sensed through geophone and microphone.

Omnet++ Sensor Network Projects application:

Health Applications:

  • Drug Administration in hospital.

  • Human Data Telemonitoring.

  • Monitoring patient and doctor in hospital.

Commercial Application:

  • Inventory control Management.

  • Detection and tracking of vehicles.

  • Automotive applications.

  • Detection and monitoring ear thefts.

  • Interactive museums.

Environmental application:

  • Flood detection

  • Precision agriculture.

  • Forest fire detection.

Military Application:

  • Enemy surveillance.

  • Investigation of opposing forces.

  • Monitor army, equipment and ammunition.

  • Battle damage assessment.

Home Application:

  • Home automation.

  • Smart environment.

Omnet++ sensor Network is a simulator developed to implement various network such as fixed, wireless, wired and system such as parallel and distributed system. Communications are performed by exchange of messages in a discrete time. The code is written in C++ language. It runs on different platform such as UNIX, DOS and Windows without any modification in operating system.



Characteristics of Omnet++ sensor Network Projects:

  • New Traffic generator.

  • High sensing fidelity.

  • Scalability.

  • Control database for data collection.

  • Provides flexibility.

Advantages of Omnet++ Sensor Network Projects:

  • Ease of implementation.

  • Large scale network testing.

  • Low cost.

Omnet++ sensor Network is successfully deployed in many real time applications. So students are poked into Omnet++ sensor network projects to enhance various features of sensor Network such as to provide Long lifetime, connecting to other networks, maintain easy for various simulations.