Mobile ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a network which is a collection of mobile devices communication. Mobile device are communicated with one another without any existing infrastructure (or) centralized administration. It ensure a self- configure network mobile node are connected by various wireless links. In network, every node acts as router and host. Network router is used to forward packets from one node to another node and network host are used for transmission of data. Omnet++ Manet Projects operate independently without any support. Three Types of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network are:

  • Intelligent Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (In VANETs)

  • Vehicular Ad-hoc networks (VANETs)

  • Internet Based Mobile Ad-hoc Network (IMANET)

Omnet++ Manet Projects Features:

  • Operation are Distributed.

  • Multi hop Routing.

  • Light-weight terminal.

  • Autonomous Terminal.

  • Dynamic network topology.

  • Shared physical Medium.

Challenges of mobile ad-hoc networks are IP layer Mobile routing, Quality of service (QoS), Inter networking, Reliability, Services, Dynamic topology, Resource discovery, and Security. Mobile ad-hoc Network got easily damaged than wired network.

Vulnerabilities of MANET:

  • Unreliability of wireless link among nodes.

  • Lack of secure Boundaries and centralized network management.

  • Available Bandwidth.

  • Frequent changes in network Topology and unpredictability.

  • Power supply Restriction.

Omnet++ MANET is a discrete event simulation Environment. MANET is deployed in many domains with Omnet++ simulation. The domains are numerous from queuing network simulation to wireless communication, ad-hoc network simulation from business process simulation to peer to peer network and storage area network simulation. Omnet++ Manet is a well equipped simulation package coded in C++. Omnet++ is not actually a simulation it also served as simulation framework for various networks.

Omnet++ provides INET framework and mobility framework for MANET Networks.

Omnet++ MANET Projects Benefit:

  • Act as temporary Network.

  • Less cost.

  • Network can arranged at any place and time.

  • Provide flexibility.

  • Provide less telecommunication infrastructure.

  • Require less Time.

Reliable data transformation is provided among communication networks. To preserve system resources it performs various security services such as confidentiality, non repudiation, authentication, integrity, and availability.



Application of Omnet++ with MANET:

  • Provide Sensor Networks.

  • Extension coverage.

  • Provide diplomatic networks.

  • Home and Enterprise network.

  • Economic and Commercial application.

Omnet++ Manet Projects provide a pictorial representation of mobile Ad hoc network which is easy to under and analyze a Network. Manet is worked on different techniques and new methods are implemented for future global approach based an emulation, analytical model, Test Bed and simulation for performance evaluation. Students are more interested to do projects in MANET because Manet supports GUI and deployed in real time applications.