omnet project example



Multiplexing and Networking Through Fiber Optic Links for Scada Systems
Design and analysis of efficient hierarchical interconnection networks

An interconnect architecture for networking systems on chips
Private cloud and media privacy in social networks
Towards a GSE international teaching network: Mapping Global Software Engineering courses
Performance of a Cooperative Network Using Rate Adaptation and Cooperative Combining
Joint channel assignment and link scheduling for wireless mesh networks: Revisiting the Partially Overlapped Channels
Error-resilient spectral fine granular scalable (SFGS) video coding for network streaming applications
Call Admission Control Approaches in Beyond 3G Networks Using Multi Criteria Decision Making
A conformance measure for traffic shaping in high-speed networks with an application to the leaky bucket
Research on TCP Acknowledgement Mechanism in the Multi-Hop Wireless Network
Validation of the Ambient Networks System Architecture

omnet project example
User data traffic analysis for 3G cellular networks
Comprehensive topology and traffic model of a nationwide telecommunication network
Stable training method for echo state networks with output feedbacks
WSN01-3: Improving Search Efficiency Using Bloom Filters in Partially Connected Ad Hoc Networks: A Location-Centric Analysis
ASP2P: An advanced botnet based on social networks over hybrid P2P
Predicting Links in Social Networks Using Text Mining and SNA
Network Capacity Region and Minimum Energy Function for a Delay-Tolerant Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Streaming Solutions for Fine-Grained Network Traffic Measurements and Analysis
An approach to using image-based techniques across unreliable peer-to-peer networks
A neural network approach to rotated object recognition based on edge features: Recognition rate and CPU time improvement for rotated object recognition using DWT

omnet project example
Policy Gradient SMDP for Resource Allocation and Routing in Integrated Services Networks
Effects of femtocell deployment on interference to macrocell users in a cellular network
Capacity and outage probability analysis of network coding based user cooperation transmission
Effective Coverage and Connectivity Preserving in Wireless Sensor Networks
A Social Network Approach to Software Development Risk Correlation Analysis
Connection tree based micro-mobility management for IP-centric mobile networks

omnet project example