Latest omnet projects

1  On the effect of forwarding table size on SDN network utilization[OMNET]
2  Adaptive coverage for high data rate LTE networks[OMNET]
3  Distributed power allocation in cognitive radio networks under network power constraint[OMNET]
4  Geometric broadcast without GPS support in dense wireless sensor networks[OMNET]
5  Collaborative joint content sharing for online social networks[OMNET]
6  GENI with a Network Processing Unit: Enriching SDN Application Experiments[OMNET]
7  Joint network channel fountain scheme for reliable communication in wireless networks[OMNET]
8  Stochastic geometry analysis of the average error probability of downlink cellular networks[OMNET]
9  Algorithmic challenges in flexible optical networks[OMNET]
10  Congestion control in Flow-Aware Resilient Multi-ring Networks[OMNET]