IEEE omnet projects

11  A New Power Allocation Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Networks[omnet++program]
12  A Universal Concept Based on Cellular Neural Networks for Ultrafast and Flexible Solving of Differential Equations[omnet++program]
13  Energy Consumption Of Visual Sensor Networks Impact Of Spatio Temporal Coverage[omnet++program]
14  Towards A Theoretical Framework for Analysis and Intervention of Random Drift on General Networks[omnet++program]
15  BRACER A Distributed Broadcast Protocol in Multi hop Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks with Collision Avoidance[omnet++program]
16  Performance of Multiantenna Linear MMSE Receivers in Doubly Stochastic Networks[omnet++program]
17  Controllability and Observability of Network of Networks via Cartesian Products[omnet++program]
18  Quantum-Assisted Routing Optimization for Self-Organizing Networks[omnet++program]