IEEE omnet projects

1  Device Based Asynchronous Ranging and Node Identification for Wireless Sensor Networks[omnet++program]
2  The Prediction Analysis of Cellular Radio Access Network Traffic From Entropy Theory to Networking Practice[omnet++program]
3  Selfish Insider Attacks in IEEEs Wireless Mesh Networks[omnet++program]
4  Plastic Optical Fiber Based In Home Optical Networks[omnet++program]
5  Expanding Cellular Coverage via Cell Edge Deployment in Heterogeneous Networks Spectral Efficiency and Backhaul Power Consumption Perspectives[omnet++program]
6  Enable Device to Device Communications Underlaying Cellular Networks Challenges and Research Aspects[omnet++program]
7  Prospects and Challenges of Context Aware Multimedia Content Delivery in Cooperative Satellite and Terrestrial Networks[omnet++program]
8  Context Aware Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks[omnet++program]
9  A Composite Service Provision Method Based on Novel Node Model in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks[omnet++program]
10  Self Organization Approaches for Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks[omnet++program]