2015 omnet projects

1  Real-time Business Network Selection Based on Auction Mechanism[omnet++code]
2  Channel Selection Information Hiding Scheme for Tracking User Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks[omnet++code]
3  Resource Scheduling Algorithm and Ecnomic Model in ForCES Networks[omnet++code]
4  An Impedance Protection Scheme for Feeders of Active Distribution Networks[omnet++code]
5  On Modeling the Coexistence of 802.11 and 802.15.4 Networks for Performance Tuning[omnet++code]
6  Energy Efficient Uplink Resource Allocation in LTE Networks with M2M/H2H Co-existence under Statistical QoS Guarantees[omnet++code]
7  Multi-layer graph analysis for dynamic social networks[omnet++code]
8  A Novel Cooperative Content Fetching-Based Strategy to Increase the Quality of Video Delivery to Mobile Users in Wireless Networks[omnet++code]
9  Recent Advances in Radio Resource Management for Heterogeneous LTE / LTE-A Networks[omnet++code]
10  Min Flow Rate Maximization for Software Defined Radio Access Networks[omnet++code]