2014 omnet projects

11  Hybrid Random Access and Data Transmission Protocol for Machine-to-Machine Communications in Cellular Networks[omnet++projects]
12  Achieving Optimal Throughput in Cooperative Wireless Multihop Networks with Rate Adaptation and Continuous Power Control[omnet++projects]
13  Joint Optimization of Source and Relay for MIMO Two-Way Relay Networks Using MSE Duality[omnet++projects]
14  Anti-triangle centrality-based community detection in complex networks[omnet++projects]
15  Distributed and Centralized Hybrid CSMA/CA-TDMA Schemes for Single-Hop Wireless Networks[omnet++projects]
16  Toward System-Optimal Routing in Traffic Networks: A Reverse Stackelberg Game Approach[omnet++projects]
17  Performance Model of Multichannel Deflection-routed All-Optical Networks with Packet Injection Control[omnet++projects]
18  A Wireless Sensor Networks’ Analytics System for Predicting Performance in On-Demand Deployments[omnet++projects]
19  Design and Analysis of a Frame-Based Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for Fiber-Wireless Broadband Access Networks[omnet++projects]
20  Convex Relaxation for Optimal Power Flow Problem: Mesh Networks[omnet++projects]