2014 omnet projects

1  On the trade-off between cost and availability of virtual networks[OMNET]
2  A Bandwidth-Feasibility Algorithm for Reliable Virtual Network Allocation[OMNET]
3  Next Generation Emergency Communication Systems via Software Defined Networks[OMNET]
4  Adaptive co-primary shared access between co-located radio access networks[OMNET]
5  Performance of amplify-and-forward relay networks with interference-limited destination in rician fading environments[OMNET]
6  Secure Data Transmission Protocol for Medical Wireless Sensor Networks[OMNET]
7  On the impact of the video quality assessment in 802.11e ad-hoc networks using adaptive retransmissions[OMNET]
8  Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks: General concept and case study of a cost-effective, multi-institutional Earth observation platform[OMNET]
9  A novel power allocation technique for 4G cellular networks[OMNET]
10  Improved memetic algorithm for energy efficient target coverage in wireless sensor networks[OMNET]