Omnet projects

We are supporting OMNET++ projects for students and research scholars. Past 6 years we are supporting OMNET++ projects. In past 6 years we had done more than 400 OMNET++ projects with full satisfaction of our clients. Basically, the OMNET++ projects can be implemented in the following networking domains:

  •  Networking
  • Communication
  • Wireless
  • Wifi.

OMNET++ is a simulation framework which can be simulated by our OMNET++ technical experts. We are guiding OMNET++ projects and thesis for research scholars on OMNET++ is also supported by us. The OMNET++ projects can developed in the below mentioned networking platforms. We are also supporting the OMNET++ projects in these platforms.

  • Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)
  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • Long Term Evaluation (LTE)
  • Handover
  •  Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET)
  • Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET)
  • P 2 P Live Streaming
  • Software Defined network (SDN)

The research scholars as well as students of B.Tech, B. E, M.Tech, MS, and PhD are also carrying their on OMNET++. We are supporting the OMNeT++ 4.x and OMNeT++ 3.x on linux & Windows versions for the students and research scholars. Our main service in this field is to satisfy the student’s community and research scholars. We are the experts in the field of OMNET++ projects. Worldwide we are providing our good service to our customers. Mainly, we are focusing on time to delivery, quality of service with minimum cost. In every year we are guiding more than 10 PHD scholars in all these domains. Particularly in OMNET++ every year 7 OMNET PhD scholars are benefited by our guidance.

We are giving our on-time delivery not only from direct conversation and we also give our best through team viewer, skype. Apart from that we are giving our support to the research scholars for journal publications. Since, research scholars should publish their paper in some international journals. One step ahead of their project support we are also publishes their papers in international conferences and journals. We are maintaining some international journals standards like,

  •  IEEE
  • ACM

Our main focus on OMNET++ thesis is to maintain and reach best result to the scholars and students. More than these we are one of the leading concerns in thesis preparation. We are very happy to say our technical team on thesis writing is extraordinarily talented in this field. Our technical team is the main backbone of our improvement in this market field. Our technical team members are very dedicated in their work and more sincere in their work timing and punctuality. OMNET++ thesis can only achieved by this motivated technical team members. We are having separate team for error correction and grammatical checking in OMNET++ thesis. We are maintaining fully fledged technical support to our scholars and students. According to the scholars requirements we are implementing those concept in their thesis work. Once we are satisfied 100 percentage of satisfaction then only we will deliver the thesis to the scholars.

omnet projects

omnet projects


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